Manual UI
React Native UI Components Generator

Generate custom React Native UI components effortlessly without any third-party dependencies.
Customize props, styles, and themes to match your project's requirements seamlessly.


Customizable Props

Predefine props for selected components via the built-in editor, allowing for efficient customization and performance optimization. By selectively disabling props, you can reduce component size and minimize unnecessary logic, resulting in improved performance.

Source code

const UIAvatar = ({
  rounded = 'full',
  size = 'md',
  border = 0,
}) => {
  return (

export default UIAvatar;

Usage example


Static Styles Customization

Customize static styles and functionalities within the tool to fine-tune every aspect of your UI components. Explore options to modify initial static styles or adjust them by disabling specific props, providing unparalleled control over your component's appearance and behavior. Once the prop is disabled, you can adjust the static styles to modify core styles and functionalities.




Usage example

<UIAvatar />

Theme customization

Easily define a unified theme to streamline branding across your UI components. Customize existing colors and introduce new ones to align with your project's aesthetic. Optionally utilize the theme config constant for seamless integration and enhanced development efficiency. Tailor your theme to reflect your brand identity effortlessly.

+ Custom colors

export const theme = {
  color: {
    primaryLight: '#1bbeb0',
    primaryMain: '#169f94',
    primaryDark: '#11756d',
    secondaryLight: '#299cd1',
    secondaryMain: '#3b84a5',
    secondaryDark: '#032535',
    infoLight: '#77b3f0',
    infoMain: '#4596eb',
    infoDark: '#3676cb',
  radius: {
  },fontSize: {
  • No Dependencies

    Build React Native UI components without any third-party library dependencies, ensuring lightweight and efficient code.

  • Cross-Platform Design

    Ensure a uniform look and feel across all platforms, delivering a seamless user experience regardless of the device.

  • Minimal Code Import

    Generate only the necessary code for the components you use, avoiding unnecessary imports commonly found in library-based solutions.

How to use

  • 1

    Identify the props needed for the selected component.

  • 2

    Customize static styles to modify core styles and functionalities that are not controlled by props.

  • 3

    Copy and paste the generated code into your project.

  • 4

    Use it!